Cayman Visa

Cayman Visa Requirements

Employed Persons

Valid Passport

Bank statement & job letter

2 Passport size photograph

Marriage Certificate (If married)

Police records

Self - Employed Persons

Valid Passport

Police records

Bank statement 

2 Passport size photograph

Letter from a JP, stating your monthly income

Marriage Certificate (If married)

Business Registration Certificate, If your business is registered.


Status letter, If you’re a student. The person paying paying for the student application should provide a bank statement and job letter.


How can Expedite Travel Services help you?

At Expedite Travel Service we have a fine selection of experienced travel consultants that can help you with preparing all the necessary documentation that you will need to have a successful application. While the process of applying for a visa may seem easy some applicants apply without seeking any help from a professional travel consultant. There is a higher risk of refusal when your visa application is not properly completed. 

When applying for a Cayman visa you’re not required to do an interview, you will be required to submit documentation to satisfy the Cayman visa officer that you will return to Jamaica after a temporary visit. 

In order to be granted a Cayman visitor visa, you must prove beyond doubt that you will leave the country at the end of your visit by:


When Mr. Blake applied for a Cayman visa, he submitted the following documents:


When Mr. Morgan applied for a Cayman visa, he submitted the following documents:

Mr Blake applied for and was granted a Cayman visa. He is married, owns his house and currently works as a Vendor.  He was granted a Cayman visa because he could prove that he had strong ties to Jamaica. These ties among others included being married and owning a house.

Mr Morgan was denied a Cayman visa because he didn’t have enough documentation to convince the visa officers that he has strong ties to Jamaica. Although Mr Morgan is a teacher, he didn’t have as many ties as Mr Blake – He was single (no strong family ties) and living with his parents.

The Cayman visitor visa is one of the most difficult applications to get approved. A lot of people overstay on their visitor’s visa and because of this immigration officers scrutinize each application thoroughly to ensure that you will return to your home country at the end of your stay.

Typical Reasons for Cayman Visa Denial

Job Status

Some applicant’s are denied a visa because of their job status.  Low salary earners are more likely to be denied than someone with a higher wage. 

Marital Status

Someone that is single stands a lower chance of obtaining the visitor’s visa. The reason why this is the case is because someone that has kids and perhaps a spouse has stronger ties within their home country which makes them more likely to return home – compared to a single person.

Spouse Living Abroad

If your spouse lives in Jamaica, you stand a higher chance of obtaining a visitor’s visa, compared to someone has a spouse living in the Cayman; the chances are high that he or she might just settle with his or her spouse in Cayman

Re-apply for a visa without any significant changes in your life

When you are denied a visa, you can always re-apply at any time. However, before you reschedule another interview, ensure that you understand that the main reason why you were denied a visitor’s visa is that you didn’t have enough ties in Jamaica. From our experience, it is recommended that you wait for at least one year before reapplying. When reapplying you should be able to demonstrate what significant change has happened in your life within the last year? If nothing has changed you might be denied again.


The visa officer can reject your application because of your age. For instance, a 40-year-old man is more likely to return to his home country compared to a 20-year-old. However, though age could be a factor, people of all ages can still be granted visas.

Abuse of previous visa

You may be denied a visa if the visa officer discovers that you abused a previous visa. For instance, if your passport shows that you have stayed several months more than once in the Cayman, you may be denied another opportunity this time around.

Lack of proper documentation

You may be denied a visa if you don’t have proper documentation to present to visa officer. For example, if you say that you own a bar you should have a bar license or business registration certificate. The visa officer doesn’t normally ask for documents on every occasion. However, you should still have these documents in case the visa officers ask you for them during your interview.

Typical reasons why persons Cayman Visa gets revoked

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