USA Visa

USA Visa Requirements

Employed Persons

  • Job Letter
  • Valid Passport
  • 2 Passport size photograph
  • Marriage Certificate (if married)

Business Owner

  • Valid Passport
  • Business Certificate
  • 2 Passport size photograph
  • Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • Letter from JP stating your monthly income (if your business is not registered)


  • Status Letter
  • Valid Passport
  • 2 Passport size photograph

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How can Expedite Travel Services help you?

At Expedite Travel services, we can help you achieve success in your visa application by helping you to demonstrate to the visa officer that you have strong ties to your home country. With over twenty years of experience, we understand that a properly completed visa application increase your chances of getting a visitor’s visa. Our experienced and professional travel consultants will coach you on likely questions that are asked by the visa officers at the embassy and how to answer these questions properly.

The visa officer will be asking you questions about your purpose of travel and about your life in Jamaica. Be sure to answer these questions as detailed as possible.


“What is your purpose of travel to the United States, Kimberly?”

“My grandmother lives there and I’m planning on visiting her and seeing a few sites while I am there.”

“With whom do you live here in Jamaica?”

“I live with my husband and 3 children”

” How long do you plan to stay in the United States?”

“I was planning on travelling for the first two weeks of March the first through to the fourteenth.”

“Congratulation, Kimberly we have granted your request for a U.S. Visa.”

Kimberly was granted a visitor’s visa because she demonstrates to the visa officer that she has strong ties in Jamaica.


What type of job do you do  and and what are your duties?

I am currently self-employed. I have a vegetable farm in my community

Who do you live with?

I’m currently living with my mom and my father

What is your monthly salary like?

I currently earn $30,000 on a monthly basis from my business.

“I’m sorry Mark you do not qualify for a visitor’s visa at this time.”

Mark was denied a visitor’s visa because he was unable to demonstrate to the visa officer that he has strong ties in Jamaica.

Unfortunately, most applicants are denied a visitor’s visa, not necessarily because of any wrongdoing, but because they are not qualified for the specific visitor’s visa for which they applied.

To qualify for a visitor’s visa, you must prove beyond doubts, to the visa officer, that you have strong ties to your home country that will compel you to return home after your temporary visit to the U.S. 

While such strong ties may vary from person to person, they generally include your home, your job, or your relationship with friends and family. During your visit to the embassy, the visa officers will thoroughly scrutinize your application and review the circumstances surrounding the applicant’s travel plans, financial resources, as well as other ties to their home country. 

This is why we have recorded over 98% success rate in Jamaica! With this excellent record, our clients keep referring their family and friends to Expedite Travel Services

Typical Reasons for USA Visa Denial

Job Status

Some applicant’s are denied a visa because of their job status.  Low salary earners are more likely to be denied than someone with a higher wage. 

Marital Status

Someone that is single stands a lower chance of obtaining a visitor’s visa. The reason why this is the case is because someone that has kids and perhaps a spouse has stronger ties within their home country which makes them more likely to return home – compared to a single person.

Spouse Living Abroad

If your spouse lives in Jamaica, you stand a higher chance of obtaining a visitor’s visa, compared to someone has a spouse living in the U.S; the chances are high that he or she might just settle with his or her spouse in the U.S

Re-apply for a visa without any significant changes in your life

When you are denied a visa, you can always reapply at any time. However, before you reschedule another interview, ensure that you understand that the main reason why you were denied a visitor’s visa is that you didn’t have enough ties in Jamaica. From our experience, it is recommended that you wait for at least one year before reapplying. When reapplying you should be able to demonstrate what significant change has happened in your life within the last year? If nothing has changed you might be denied again.


The visa officer can reject your application because of your age. For instance, a 40-year-old man is more likely to return to his home country compared to a 20-year-old. However, though age could be a factor, people of all ages can still be granted visas.

Abuse of previous visa

You may be denied a visa if the visa officer discovers that you abused your previous visa. For instance, if your passport shows that you have stayed several months more than once in the U.S, you may be denied another opportunity this time around.

Lack of proper documentation

You may be denied a visa if you don’t have proper documentation to present to the visa officer. For example, if you say that you own a bar you should have a bar license or business registration certificate. The visa officer doesn’t normally ask for documents on every occasion. However, you should still have these documents in case the visa officer ask you for them during your interview.

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Tips for persons applying for their USA Visa

  • Wear formal clothing
  • Arrive early, you don’t want to be late for your visa interview because you’re stuck in traffic.
  • The visa officer may ask questions to scrutinize your application, don't answer questions immediately without thinking about it
  • Don’t get nervous. Be confident. You will be more confident if you’re fully prepared thoroughly. Smile when you meet the visa officer for the first time. Don’t show any signs of nervousness or trembling this could go against you. Look into the eyes of the visa officer while speaking.    
  • Be confident in your answers, whatever you say. Make it short, clear, to-the-point-replies, in a loud and clear voice. Don’t tell anything that is irrelevant or not asked. By mistake, you may give some unnecessary information that may lead to  your rejection.
  • Make sure you’re answering the visa officer with the correct answers to the questions that are asked. All the data that are given in your interview are computerized and maintained. You can’t be changing your story the next time you go for an interview.
  • Your appearance should convey who you are. If you’re a student you should look like a student, if you’re an executive manager you should look like an executive manager. Your body should convey friendliness.

Travel Tips for persons travelling abroad

  • Do not work on your visitor’s visa. If you’re caught working on your visa, it will be revoked immediately.
  • Try not to make several trips to the U.S within a year. This can raise suspicion.
  • Never book a four (4) month ticket on your first trip the U.S. Custom officers might think that you’re planning to work in the U.S.
  • Try to make your first trip to U.S very short as possible. For example two (2) weeks to one (1) month.  This will show good travel history.
  • Do not collect anything from anyone to take to the U.S. Only if you are 100% sure of what you are travelling with. This can cause your visa to be revoked if you’re caught with something that is against the U.S Law.
  • Delete any message that may reveal your plan to work in the U.S. This can cause your visa to be revoked, if your phone is search at the port of entry.
  • It’s important to get travel insurance while travelling, so that you’re cover against travel risks such as lost or stolen luggage and medical expenses.
  • Do not overstay on your visa. This can cause you to be deported

Typical Reasons why persons USA Visa gets revoked

  • Visa approval comes with certain terms and conditions which successful applicants are expected to adhere to. For example, successful applicants are not expected to work in the U.S; else, their visa can be canceled before, during, or after their stay in the United States.
  • Overstaying in the U.S may lead to visa cancellation. For example, your visa may be revoked if you spend more than six months in the U.S. A lot of people assume that when they are given a 10-year visa, it simply means that can stay in the U.S for 10 years until their visa expire.
  • Staying for a period of three (3) to six (6) months in the U.S may lead to the cancellation of your visa. Why? Because the visa officer may think you’re working in the U.S or you’re planning not to return to Jamaica.
  • If at any point the U.S government discovers that your purpose of travelling is different from the one stated in your application, your visa may be cancelled immediately. This could even be before your trip to the U.S
  • Custom officers can revoke or cancel your visa at the port of entry if they suspect that you will be using your visa for other purposes. You can be selected for a routine search. Custom officers can search your phone during the routine search to see your recent communications with friends and family. If any of your messages seem suspicious, your visa may be canceled. For example, some travelers might have been discussing with their relatives in the U.S about getting a job upon arrival.

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