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UK Student Visa - Financies
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Ways of funding your tuition and living expenses when applying for a U.K. Student Visa

There are several ways of showing that you can cover your tuition and living expenses while in the U.K. studying. They are stated below as follows: 

Personal Savings

When applying for a UK student visa, the best option is when you can finance your tuition and living expenses without having to rely on a sponsor. The amount of money available in your bank account should cover at least one (1) year of tuition and living expenses. Before considering applying for a UK student visa, it is paramount that you have sufficient funds available to pay for your studies and living expenses.


The only persons that can sponsor you to study in the UK is your parent/legal guardian or spouse. If your mom is sponsoring you, you will need to submit your birth certificate so that the visa officer can see that your sponsor is your mother. You can only use your spouse as a sponsor if he/she is present in the UK or applying at the same time as you.

If your parents or legal guardian is sponsoring your educational expenses, they must have more money in their bank account than what is required for your tuition and living expenses. Realistically, if the money in your parent’s bank account is the exact amount that you need for your tuition and living expenses, what will they do if an emergency arises and they need cash? Therefore, it will be more believable if your parents have more money than the required amount for your tuition and living expenses. If someone who is not your parent or legal guardian is financially sponsoring you, they will need to transfer the funds to your account or your parent or legal guardian’s account.


Your parent or legal guardian will need to provide a photocopy of the following documents:

  • Bank statement/ 4-month transactional history. The money should be in your parent or guardian account for 28 days before applying for a student visa.
  • Birth certificate or an adoption certificate or official court documents that confirm parental or legal guardian status.
  • A signed sponsorship letter from your parents or legal guardian confirms your relationship with them and that the funds in their bank account will be used for your education expenses in the UK. This letter should be signed and stamped by a J.P. or notarized by a Notary Public
  • Passport bio page
  • A job letter, if employed.
  • Payslips for the past four (4) months (optional)


Financial sponsorship from a designated organization

If you are being sponsored by an official financial sponsor, such as your government, the UK government, an international scholarship organization, an international university, or a company. You must provide an original letter on your sponsor’s letterhead with your name and contact details. The letter should state the length of the sponsorship and the amount of money they are sponsoring towards your tuition and living expenses.

Student Loans

If you receive student loans from a student loan organization or bank in your country, you need to provide a letter that confirms the loan’s details. If the loan only makes up part of the required finance, the remainder will have to be in your account so that there is evidence of enough funds for both the tuition fee and living costs for the visa application.

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