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U.S. Student Visa - Study in the U.S 1
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Benefits of studying the U.S as an international student

Work while studying in The United States

Students are given the option to work part-time while studying to help in offsetting their expenses. It is important however, to be mindful of the strict guidelines that must be followed prior to commencing part time job opportunities. F-1 students are not permitted to work off-campus during their first academic year. M-1 student may only work in practical training positions after they have completed their studies. Both students must ensure any off-campus employment they engaged in is related to their area of study and is approved before the start date by the Designated School Official or USCIS. The US Department of Education issues work permits to students who meet certain work requirements.

Study at The Best Universities or College in the world

In choosing to commence your tertiary studies in the United States, you are exposed to some of the best universities and colleges in the world. . The top 10 best universities in The United States are MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Duke, Princeton, Rice, California Institute of Technology, Brown and the University of Pennsylvania. Apart from these universities or colleges, there are large numbers of other outstanding universities or colleges that you can study in the US. A degree acquired from a university in The US is recognized globally, which will make you a valuable and attractive candidate in the International Job Market.

Choose from a wide range of programs to study

The job market is very competitive these days. It is best to choose a program or professional field that is unsaturated. In the United States, with the wide array of universities and colleges to choose from are various programs within which to major. There is no other country in the world where you can find such a diverse range of programs to choose from.

Improve your English

English is the universal language of the world; studying in a country where English is the primary language is an excellent way to learn the language and prove marketable on the international work market. Competency in the English language is an entry level requirement for most jobs.

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