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Student Visa_F1 Visa - denied
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I got denied a U.S student visa(F1 Visa), and I would like to know why?

We know how disappointing it can be when an applicant is denied a student visa. When you apply for a US student visa, several factors are considered before your student visa is approved. The visa officer will thoroughly review your application to find why you choose to study in the US instead of your country of residence and ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition and living expenses.

The main reasons why applicants are denied a student visa are listed below:

Failure to demonstrate that you can pay your tuition and living expenses

Having sufficient funds available to pay for your tuition and living expenses is the most crucial factor in a visa officer’s decision when granting a U.S student visa(F1 Visa). The amount of money available in your bank account should cover at least one (1) year of tuition and living expenses. Most times, applicants do not have the funds to cover their tuition and living expenses, which generally leads to their denial. Before you decide to start your journey of studying in the US, ensure that you know the cost of your tuition and living expenses so that you can have the funds. A visa officer can immediately know without a doubt whether an applicant can pay for their tuition and living expenses based on the amount of money that is in their bank account or their sponsor bank account. If you do not have enough money to cover your tuition and living expenses the visa officer will deny you due to insufficient funds to maintain yourself while studying in the U.S.

Failure to explain why you want to study in the U.S.

When you decide to apply for a US student visa to study in The United States, you must have a valid reason for choosing to study in the US instead of your country of residence. During your interview at the Embassy the visa officer inquire about your choice to study in the US. If you cannot explain to the visa officer why you chose to study in the US, they will deny under the reasoning that they failed to identify the reason for your choice to study in the US, especially if you can do the same program in your home country.

Failure to provide all the relevant documents that are needed for the processing of the U.S student visa(F1 Visa)

There are several supporting documents that you must submit to the U.S Embassy to get your student visa approved. Many applicants have tried to complete their U.S visa application by themselves, making minor mistakes and failing to submit some of the required documents thus resulting in a large number of student visa denial. The U.S Embassy do not tolerate mistakes; once the visa application form is not completed correctly and/ or a document is missing they will deny you. Ensure that you hire a professional immigration consultant if you do not fully understand the entire process and the necessary documents that are required for submission.

Failure to prove that you will leave the U.S when your student visa (F1 Visa) expires

The visa officer wants to know that you will leave the United States at the end of your study tenure. As such, they will thoroughly review your visa application and the circumstances surrounding your main reason for wanting to study in the US, as well as other ties to your home country. Strong ties vary from person to person; they generally include your family and assets in your country of residence. If you fail to convince the visa officer that you will leave the US at the end of your stay, they will deny you under the basis that your ties to your country of residence are weak.

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