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US Visa - Denied 3
Expedite Travel Services

Expedite Travel Services

Interview at the U.S. Embassy

In the interview, make sure you answer the questions accurately and in a complete sentence. Here is an example of a successful interview.

Successful interview between the visa officer and Kimberly

Visa Officer


Kimberly was granted a US visa because she demonstrated, to the visa officer, that she has strong ties in Jamaica. Everyone’s situation is different; anyone can get a visa regardless of their status.

At the end of your interview, you will know if you were granted a visa or denied depending on the color of the slip that you get from the visa officer.

Your visa is approved if you receive white slip. It takes seven (7) working days for the Embassy to stamp your US visa in your passport. After the visitor visa is stamped in your passport, the Embassy will either return it by DHL or pick it up at the Document Service Centre depending on the mode of pick-up you have chosen.

If you receive a pink slip, the Embassy is requesting additional documentation to process your visa application. The pink slip does not mean that you were denied a visa but rather, that your visa application requires other documentation or information for the processing of your visa visitor. For example, if you were arrested and declared it in the interview, the visa officer might request a letter from the court.

A green slip, indicates that you were denied a US visa.

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