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USA Visa - Denied 2
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Did you know that a person can meet all the requirements and still be denied a U.S. Visitor’s Visa?

Yes. Everyone will not be approved a visa on their first visit to the U.S. Embassy. A visa officer may be having a bad day and on that basis denies you a U.S. visa, though you are fully qualified based on your ties to your country of residence. Fortunately, some applicants will receive their visa the first time they apply; while other applicants will visit the Embassy up to four (4) times before they are eventually issued a US visitor visa.

However, visa denial is not the end of the world. You can try again; hopefully, with more success. Though you will be disappointed, be optimistic; everything happens for a reason! Kimaya is one of our successful applicants. She was denied a visa the first time she applied. Nonetheless, she contacted us within a year and reapplied without changing any information on her previous application and luckily she was granted a visa.

Whenever you are ready to apply for a U.S. visitor visa, one of our expert visa specialists will be more than enthused to provide you with the best advice and guidance on how to increase your chances of obtaining a U.S. visitor visa.

Example of an interview in which James was refused a visa

Visa Officer


James was denied a US visa because he did not demonstrate to the visa officer that he has strong ties to Jamaica.

James was denied a US visitor visa because he did not convince the visa officer that he has enough ties in his home country that will compel him to return home after a short visit to the US.

Obtaining a US visa is not as difficult as many are led to believe, however due to the large number of successful applicants overstay their visit, visa officers are now led to scrutinize each application thoroughly to ensure that you have enough ties that will compel you to return home at the end of your short stay. If James plans to reapply, it is advised that he waits until his current situation has changed.

When someone gets denied a visa, they can reapply at any time. However, before James reschedules another interview, he should understand that the main reason he was rejected a visitor visa was due to his inability to convince the visa officer that he would return to his home country after a short stay.

From our experience, we recommend that James wait at least one (1) year before reapplying for a visa. When James decides to reapply, he will have to demonstrate what significant changes have happened in his life within the last year? If nothing has changed, he might be denied a visa again.

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