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Expedite Travel Services

Expedite Travel Services

I want to apply for a Canadian visa and I also want to be sure that when I apply I will get my Canadian visitor visa

To qualify for a Canadian visitor visa, you must prove to the visa officer, beyond reasonable doubt, that you have strong ties to your home country which will compel you to return home after a short visit to Canada. While such strong ties may vary from person to person, they generally include your home, job, or relationship with friends and family. Whenever you decide to apply for a Canadian visa, the visa officers will thoroughly review your visa application and supporting documents to see the circumstances surrounding your travel plans, finances, job, family, children, and spouse, as well as other ties to your home country.

Once the visa officer is convinced that you have strong ties to your home country, they will have no problem to grant you a Canadian visa. Likewise, if the visa officer has any doubts that your ties are weak based on the information on your application or the supporting document you submit to the Canadian Embassy, they will deny you. Many applicants obtain a Canadian visa, failed to adhere to the visa terms and overstayed in Canada; resulting in why a Canadian visa can be difficult to obtain at times. The visa officer wants to make sure that you will return home after a short stay. Most applicants who apply for a Canadian visa say they are traveling for vacation purposes and running off. Henceforth, this is why visa officers are strict- based on the bad reputation of previous applicants.
If you are lucky to obtain a Canadian visa, please adhere to the terms of the visa so that more persons can get a visa whenever they decide to apply, due to the excellent track record of previous applicants.

At Expedite Travel Services, we have a team of qualified, professional, and experienced visa specialists that will help you prove to the visa officer that you have strong ties to your home country.

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