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USA Visa - Interview at the Embassy
Expedite Travel Services

Expedite Travel Services

Psychological factors that affect you getting your visa


Most persons are intimidated by the visa officer’s presence at the interview; this, in turn, causes one to be fearful and start to show signs of doubt by trembling. Therefore, proper preparation is vital in achieving success at the US embassy. The first approach is to ensure the application is complete with all the relevant information. Once the information has been submitted, an option will be available for you to print the entire application. The printed document should be used as a guide for answering the questions. Study the information thoroughly; This will help to instill confidence even when feeling pressured by the officer. When answering questions, always give an immediate response, for open-ended questions like “what’s your purpose of travel?”. The best approach to answering the question at first response is to extend that response with a statement that conveys to the officer that you will be returning after your trip to the US. Here is an example of an appropriate response, “I will be attending a business summit to learn about new technological systems to help improve our services in Jamaica. This response advises the officer that you are only visiting the US for the duration of the summit. You will be returning home to use the knowledge gained for the company’s benefit by expanding their services; this allows the officer to understand your motive and your purpose of travel in one complete statement. Of course, there will be follow-up questions for you to answer; that’s why you must know as much as possible before your interview.

Strict environment

The US embassy is heavily guarded to protect itself from persons who see the US as a threat and wish to oppose their jurisdiction. Such, you have to follow a strict process when entering the embassy. The process is necessary and valid, but to you as the applicant, it will be seen as a nuisance because it’s hassling at times. This environment tends to have a psychological influence on weak-minded persons. If you know you abide by your country’s law and fill out the application thoroughly with the correct information, you should be fine. It’s a standard procedure; take the time to build mental confidence that will help you to be calm before seeing the visa officer. When you are at the embassy for an interview, you will see persons getting denied, and this may strike fear in yourself and destroy your mental mindset, but here are a few techniques that you can follow to help build your confidence:

Have someone coach you the day before your appointment

The emotional comfort of having someone coach you by asking a few questions can make a drastic change in your mood. The person will ask interview questions by playing a visa officer and applicant game, where questions are asked, and you would respond as though you are at the actual interview.

Speak with someone who motivates and encourage you

Having a meaningful conversation with someone who motivates others can help relax your mind and make you feel at ease, making you relaxed and confident.

Meditate and relax to build self-confidence

Doing something relaxing the day before your interview and getting a good night’s rest can do wonders for your self-confidence, mind, body, and soul.

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