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Expedite Travel Services - Hotel Booking
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Expedite Travel Services

Schedule a Hotel Reservation, if you do not have anyone in Canada to visit

We can schedule a Hotel Reservation for you if you do not have anyone in Canada to visit. With the hotel reservation, you do not need an invitation letter. The purpose of the hotel reservation is to reserve a hotel that you will stay in when you travel to Canada for vacation.

The hotel reservation is for the purpose of applying for your visa visitors visa to travel to Canada. However, it is not mandatory that you have to stay at this hotel when your travel to Canada.

Just so you know, staying at a hotel can be very expensive, depending on how long you will be staying. Say, for example, you are staying five (5) nights at a hotel that cost CAD 1000 for the five (5) nights, you would have to have at least $3000 Canadian or $300,000 JM on your bank statement. After deducting the CAD 1000 from the CAD 3000, you would have CAD 2000 remaining for plane fare/ additional expenses. At the end of the day, if you are going to stay at a hotel, you must be able to cover the hotel’s cost and have additional funds remaining.

It is best to visit a family member or friend if you do not have enough money to stay at a hotel. When visiting friends and family, you do not necessarily have to have any money in your account to get your visa approved. Even a four (4) months bank print/ transactional history of your account will do once the money is going to your account every month.

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