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US Visa - Denied
Expedite Travel Services

Expedite Travel Services

Typical reasons why your U.S. Visa can be revoked

Phone conversations

Be careful of the type of conversations you have saved on your phone. If your phone is searched at the port of entry and there are messages that reveal plans to work in the US- your visitor visa will be immediately terminated.

Be aware of how often you visit the US in a year

Try not to take several trips to the US within a year, as this may raise suspicions of trafficking contraband into the country. US Custom officers may stop you at the port of entry and interrogate you by asking you more questions than the standard procedure to see your intentions and reason for making so many trips to the US within a year. If they uncover that you are traveling for other reasons than vacation purposes, they may revoke your visitor’s visa. Therefore, if you intend to make several trips to the US within a year, ensure that you have a valid reason.

Duration of flight to and from the US

Never book a four (4) month ticket on your first trip to the US. Try to make your first trip to the US as short as possible, preferably two (2) weeks to one (1) month. Most persons who apply for the US visa specifically state that they are planning on traveling for two (2) weeks and spend almost six (6) months on their first trip to the US, which will raise suspicion to the fact that you may be working in the US. On your next trip to the US, customs officers may interrogate you to figure out your reason for spending six (6) months in the US prior. If you cannot provide a valid explanation, they will revoke your visa under the reason of failure to adhere to your initial travel plans.

Be aware of what you travel with

Do not collect anything from anyone to take to the US on their behalf. Ensure that you are 100% sure of what you are traveling with because if you are caught with any contrabands, your visa would be immediately revoked.

Do not work on your visitor visa

A visitor visa is issued only for vacation purposes. If you are caught working, your US visa would be immediately revoked.

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