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Express Entry: The Federal Skilled Worker Program

Eligibility Criteria

to qualify for The Federal Skilled Worker Program

National Occupational Classification (NOC) code

  • When applying for permanent residency under the federal skilled worker program, you must find the correct National Occupational Classification (NOC) code that matches your primary occupation. The National Occupational Classification group jobs are based on skill types, primary duties, and occupational requirements. The job types are group as follows: Managerial jobs (skill type 0), Professional jobs (skill level A), or Technical jobs and skilled trades (skill level B).
  • You must also have a minimum of one-year work experience in one of these skill type Managerial jobs: (skill type 0), Professional jobs (skill level A), or Technical jobs and skilled trades (skill level B).

By clicking the button below, you can find the correct NOC code that BEST matches your job description on the CIC Website.

Once you have found the correct NOC code that matches your job description, you will need a reference letter from your previous employer or current employer before applying for Express Entry. The reference letter will be used when you receive an invitation to apply for permanent residency. The reference letter should include the company’s letterhead with the company’s name, address, contact number, and email address. The letter must also state the primary duties that you have performed while working with the company.

Language Ability

  • For Express Entry you must take an approved language test in either English or French. This test, when taken, will evaluate your abilities in writing, reading, listening, and speaking. You must achieve a minimum score of 7 in all 4 ability areas to pass according to the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB).
  • The language test is valid for 2 years after you have received the test result and must be valid when you apply for permanent residence.

Register and take an IELTS exam


  • If you went to school in Canada, you must have a certificate, diploma or degree from a recognized Canadian institution.
  • If you have a foreign degree, diploma, master’s, Ph.D. or certificate from outside Canada, you should get your credentials assessed by a designated organization to ensure that your education is equal to a Canadian certificate, diploma or degree.

Please click the button below to get your qualification assessed by World Education Services.

IRCC chooses candidates for the Federal Skilled Worker Program based on its unique points grid. The highest-ranked candidates in the Express Entry pool will be issued invitations to apply for Canadian permanent residence. To be eligible to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, potential candidates must meet the minimum requirements for work, language ability, education. If you score 67 points or higher, you will be qualified for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

If you score lower than 67 points, you won’t qualify for the program. You can get a higher score by doing things like:

  • Depending on the score that you get for your IELTS exam, you can re-sit the exam to get a higher score.
  • Complete another degree, diploma, or certificate that can improve your score
  • Try to get a valid job offer from a Canadian Employer.

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