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USA Student Visa - Personal Savings
Expedite Travel Services

Expedite Travel Services

U.S.A Student Visa: Personal Savings

When applying for a US student visa, the best option is when you can fund your tuition and living expenses without having to rely on a sponsor. The amount of money available in your bank account should cover at least one (1) year of tuition and living expenses. However, it is good to show the tuition and living expenses for the entire duration of your studies. When you have the money for the entire duration of studies, this will better convince the visa officer that you can finance your educational expenses without relying on a sponsor. If you cannot show the funds for the entire duration of your studies, there should be a clear indication as to how you will finance the remaining tuition and living expenses. Most applicants do not have the full amount to show at once. However, showing the exact amount of your first-year tuition and living expenses without any clear indications about how you pay for the remaining duration of your studies may leave the visa officer with questions and uncertainties which will result in your student visa being denied.
Finally, before considering to apply for a student visa, it is paramount that you have sufficient funds available to pay for your studies and living expenses.

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