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Expedite Travel Services

Ways to improve your ties within a country after being denied a visa

After being denied a visitor’s visa, try to access why you were denied. Here are a few ways to help increase your chances before reapplying:

  • Travel to countries that do not require a visa for entry
  • When you travel to other countries, spend limited time, for example, 1-2 weeks per visit.
  • If you were single when applying, try dating to start a meaningful relationship, this can improve your social status over time.
  • If you work for an organization, try to work towards a promotion to increase your salary; This will improve your financial stability.
  • If you are working in the company for a few months, reapply after one(1) year
  • If you have a business, work towards growing your business and ensure it’s registered to conduct business and pay your taxes as well.
  • If you are ina relationship with a civil servant who earns a substantial amount per month, you both can apply together for the visa, it’s not a guarantee, but it helps in most situations.
  • If you were denied as a family, try re-applying after one year by yourself, given that you have social and economic ties to your home country.

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